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 Yogis! Have you ever noticed the difference between when you're doing a yoga pose and your breathing is not steady, too heavy/too light or sporadic vs. When your breathing is calm and your breaths are even? WHAT A HUGE CHANGE IN HOW THE POSE FEELS! At FireFlex Yoga we love the power of our breathing, not only when we're practicing yoga but when we're dealing with real life as well! A scary or angering situation can be lessened in intensity if you try making your inhales and exhales more even. Notice the difference. It will make you (almost) never take your breath for granted again. #yoga #breathwork #breathing #conscious #meditate #dancerspose #balancing #firechief #firedepartment #firefighter #ryt #firelife #firetruck #hathayoga #practice #alliscoming #focus #dailymantra #affirmation #loa #yogaforfirstresponders #northca #sanjosefire #cafire
 As I find myself leading more yoga classes for firefighters, I am beginning to appreciate that the resistance I feel from some firefighters towards yoga practice, is often a resistance to feeling one's own feelings. This is not always the case, as some people just aren’t interested in yoga. However, understanding my experience from this perspective allows me to be more self-compassionate and compassionate towards the suffering experienced by firefighters. It is also a potent reminder to ensure that the yoga classes I offer are experienced as healing and safe- in order to allow painful memories to surface and be metabolized. #yoga #yogi #firefighteryoga #fireflexyoga #fightfires #practiceyoga #downwarddog #yogaclass #ryt #eryt #yogastudents #yogaforhealth #firefighter #firstresponders #firedepartment #firechief
 New Years Resolutions are treated as wishes...ever notice that? You say you want something new and better for the new year, but that resolution flies out the window by the time January is over. So this year I invite you to make an intention for 2016. The difference is in the PLAN. It means that you are committed to your goals by making a plan for success. Break your plan up into smaller goals that you can achieve throughout the year, and celebrate even the smallest of successes. Strive to be the best version of you that you can be. The only firefighter who you should be competing against is y o u! HAPPY NEW YEAR :) #newyear #newyearintentions #intention #fireflexyoga #fightfires #yoga #2016 #makeplans #goalsetting #goals #success #firefighter #firelife #firestation #firefit #chiefmiller #wouldyourescueyou #firstresponder #meditate #mindful #breathwork #affirmation #dailymantra

Firefighting is one of the most important and most dangerous occupations in the United States. Firefighters need to be physically and mentally prepared to preform in extreme and unpredictable situations. Strains and sprains comprise the largest number of preventable injuries to firefighters, costing local fire departments thousands of dollars in lost productivity and Workers Compensation claims. The FireFlex Yoga program specifically targets these issues, potentially helping stations reduce growing disability and Workers Compensation costs plus improve the flexibility and mobility of their active force.

The benefits of yoga include:

  • Brain Boost: fine tune attention and let go of distractions. Breathing, meditations and poses help our brains work more efficiently. Yoga has the potential to stave off age-related cognitive decline by slowing the degeneration of the cerebral cortex, an area of the brain responsible for cognitive processing
  • Happy Heart: Yoga has been implicated in reducing the frequency of atrial fibrillation, a serious heat-rhythm disorder that increases the risk of strokes and heart failure
  • Joint Support: gently taking joints through their range of motion helps keep them lubricated, which keeps you moving freely in athletic and everyday pursuits
  • Improved Sleep: Yoga research is providing promising evidence that yoga can be helpful for treating sleep disorders. Poses stretch and relax your muscles; breathing exercises can slow your heart rate to help you prepare for sleep; and regular meditation can keep you from getting tangled up in the worries that keep you from drifting off to sleep.

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